• Strengthening the discussion around Cohesion Policy and the ESI Funds
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About us

Our team consists of 11 companies from 8 European Union countries, we are all member of the Altus Framework Consortium:

  • Altus Investment and Assets Management (HU) – as leader
  • GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (DE)
  • FORMEZ PA, Centro servizi, assistenza (IT)
  • ICE - International Consulting Expertise EEIG (BE)
  • WYG Bulgaria EOOD (BG)
  • Jagiellonian University Kraków (PL)
  • SKL International AB  (SE)
  • GKI Economics Research Institute (HU)
  • Horvath and Partner GmbH (DE)
  • PSDB Sp. z o.o. (PL)
  • CEU Consulting (AT)

This is a very strong team. Together, the partners account for an annual turnover of more than € 2 billion, an in-house expert staff of 7800, and a standing network of around 20.000 professionals worldwide.

The partners in this consortium worked successfully on countless projects, throughout the European Union, as well as in the pre-accession countries. Our experience spans on more than 100 countries the world over, and our experts and partners master all EU languages.

Our exceptionally large network of experts provides us with already well-tested ability to quickly mobilise experts for any possible assignment in any country and at short notice. We are offering wide range of both senior and junior practitioners and scientists. We have put emphasis to select, for this assignment, experts with both public and private sector experience, so that we are able to join their viewpoints in the interest of innovative approaches. We have invited to this bid experts with experience at the strategic and policy levels, as well as specialists of administration. We also have a large group of scientists on board, from different countries and academic backgrounds.

Many of our senior experts have worked, on key national positions, being directly involved in cohesion policy development and implementation. We are well aware of all the strategic aspirations and the practical challenges this assignment brings with it. Having actively participated in the policy debates in recent years, and with a thorough understanding of all key issues, methods, stakeholders and interests involved, we can objectively approach all the areas addressed by the tender. Last but not least: it is important to mention that our expert team includes specialists of all the different sector policies that are closely interrelated with cohesion policy, both as beneficiaries of the ESI funds, as well as sectors having a crucial influence on economic development and cohesion at large.