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Consortium members

Altus is a consultancy, investment and asset management company from Hungary, with a rich tradition in public sector consultancy.

The company’s particular strengths lie in:

  • its extensive network of senior government experts and specialists with proven capacity and international experience;
  • its hands-on experience with government and administration reforms at strategic and policy levels, legislation and implementation, with a particular emphasis on development policy;
  • its speed and flexibility, the proven ability to work in an international environment and to provide dedicated experts to specialist subjects;
  • its people with extensive experience in multi-sectoral, inter-disciplinary co-ordination of people, knowledge and projects.

Since its establishment in 1992, Altus has been simultaneously active in management consulting as well as advisory services to the government and municipalities. Thereby, the emphasis was on the improved management of state and municipal – but also private – assets, the preparation of investment projects and company restructuring.

Since 2010, Altus is now focussing on development policy and funding opportunities offered by the European Union, in both pre-accession countries and EU member states. The company has a large network of experts with many years of direct experience in the management of EU funds, as well as expertise in policy-making and public management at senior government-levels. Thereby, regional development and the promotion of investments into the economy are a special priority.

The experts contributed by Altus to this particular project have extensive work experience in the programming and management of structural funds, in two generations of national development frameworks (NDP 2004-2006 and 2007-2013), as heads or senior officials of managing authorities and intermediate bodies – including ESF co-financed OPs. They also have international work experience in the area, having advised the Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish and Hungarian governments on the subject. Their consultancy activities also include the institutional and programming preparations for the period 2014-2020.

In addition, Altus is continuously active in IPA countries, including Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania as well as Kosovo, providing advice on the strategic planning of IPA, the transition to multi-annual sector-based programming, project generation and matters related to EU accession in general.

With them, Altus is offering a unique blend of expertise and a complete range of services from multiannual strategies down to the management of stand-alone projects, from public administration reform to individual investments. Altus has current or recent engagements in this area (structural funds programming and institution building) in the entire region covered by the tender.

Working efficiently, effectively and in a spirit of partnership, GIZ supports people and societies worldwide in creating sustainable living conditions and building better futures. The services delivered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH draw on a wealth of regional and technical competence and tried and tested management expertise. Since 1 January 2011, GIZ has brought together under one roof the capacities and long-standing experience of three organisations: 

  • the Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (DED) GmbH (German Development Service),
  • the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German technical cooperation)
  • and Inwent – Capacity Building International, Germany.

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is GIZ’s major client, but the company also operates in a significant amount on behalf of other clients such as the European Commission, other international organisations, donor and partner countries. GIZ has activities in more than 130 countries around the world. With its implementation experience in the TAIEX Instrument, EU programmes such as Twinning (mandated body) or the Better Training for Safer Food programme of DG SANCO, and numerous EU-funded projects under the former Phare programme and the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), GIZ offers strong project management capacity and considerable expertise, inter alia, in areas like structural funds programming, institution building and capacity development. GIZ has successfully been providing procurement agent and fund management services on behalf of the European Commission and other international donors and is well familiar with the relevant rules and procedures of the European Commission. GIZ is also involved in the EU’s Framework Contract for election observation missions as lead, since 2009.

GIZ has more than 16,000 staff across the globe, some 70 per cent of whom are employed locally as national personnel. GIZ can draw on over 2700 sector experts, 178 of whom have expertise in the field of urban and regional development. Furthermore, there are also 890 development advisors working for GIZ. At the end of 2012, almost 542 integrated experts had employment contracts with organisations and companies in the field, while 454 returning experts were receiving financial support and advice. GIZ’s business was about EUR 2.1 billion as at 31 December 2012.

GIZ maintains two offices in Brussels: a representation office to the European Institutions and the GIZ Succursale Brussels, responsible for the implementation of EU-funded projects with project location in Belgium as well as for EU Member State Countries (with some exceptions). The latter will provide regular support services to the GIZ Consortium Implementation Unit (HR, IT system administration) and backstopping upon request – also to the Altus Framework Consortium. 

Formez PA Centre of Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for PA Modernization is the in-house Agency of the Department for Public Administration (DFP) of the Council Presidency in charge of supporting the reforms and the diffusion of administrative innovation. It mainly addresses regional and local administrations’ institutional needs, and contributes inter alia to fostering the use of the resources deriving from National and European Funds by updating, training and informing civil servants. 

Formez PA operates at national and international level, has its headquarters in Rome and branches in Cagliari and Napoli, with a permanent staff of 400 people and a roster of over 1.000 consultants and lecturers. It carries out its activities in close connection with its shareholders and with the (central and local) Italian School for Public Administration.

The efficacy of policies and the quality of services play a strategic role in the increase of territorial competitiveness and improvement of PA communication and interactivity with citizens and business.

In the field of local and regional development policies, FORMEZ PA supports local and regional administrations by providing technical assistance and training  for developing  new services (welfare, training, public work), designing and implementing development programs and projects, creating new development agencies and their implementation in local contexts, qualifying and networking local development agencies, testing and spreading excellent experiences in local development, training and consulting on creation and development of One-Stop Shops.

In 2013, the European Commission awarded the institute as a host structure of one of the Europe Direct information centres throughout the Lazio Region territory.

Since 2003 FORMEZ PA has been assisting SF Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, under EU twinning projects; as a result Formez PA has developed a wide and active network with all concerned administrations responsible for Structural Funds, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the their systems and policies

International Consulting Expertise (ICE), a European economic interest group that regroups four European consulting companies with extensive experience in the implementation of international technical assistance projects. One noteworthy member is European Consultants Organisation (ECO3), one of the Consortium Leaders of the current EC FWC BENEF Lot 7 and one of the longest servicing contractors (not only under the FWC BENEF but also under the FWC AMS/451). Since the current FWC BENEF Lot 7 started in September 2009, ECO3 has replied to more than 96% of all Requests for Services (RfS) received and has been awarded a total of 115 contracts. Given the considerable FWC experience and reputation that ECO3 has gained over the years, ICE will apply the same winning strategy to operate within the Altus Consortium and support the Competitive Multiple Framework 

 Service Contracts for the provision of LOT 3: Studies related to the future development of Cohesion Policy and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) and LOT 4: Studies on administrative costs, administrative capacities, IT systems and fraud prevention and detection measures, while taking into account and adapting effectively and efficiently to the new requirements.

ICE has its headquarters in Brussels and member offices in Paris, Bucharest and Ankara. ICE has more than 40 people as a permanent staff and a roster of over 10.000 consultants due its international development technical assistance projects in EU, IPA, ENPI and ACP countries and global FWC Beneficiaries.

WYG Bulgaria is part of the consultant WYG Group with a seat in Leeds, UK. WYG has 50 years of experience in engineering consultancy services in over 40 countries all over the worldWYG group has permanent country offices in the United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, South Africa and China. The group employees over 1,000 permanent staff and has a list of associated experts in excess of 3,000. As part of this large group, WYG Bulgaria has a direct access to these highly qualified and experienced experts.

WYG Bulgaria is a Bulgarian consulting company specialized in providing advisory services to clients from public and private sectors. The main objective of the company has been providing effective solutions for management and implementation of programmes and projects to support the economic and social reform, local government and local development, environment and infrastructure.

The company started with the implementation of technical assistance contracts funded by the European Commission and international donor agencies, gradually expanding the spectrum of activity to work on technical and infrastructure projects under the Operational Programmes, the World Bank and other financial mechanisms. Today the range of services offered by the company reflects the comprehensiveness and richness of experience and expertise of WYG worldwide.

A number of national, regional and local state structures have benefited from the high quality services of this unit when developing their development strategies.

Our experts are among the few in the country who have experience in more than one assessment of Operational Programmes.

The Centre of Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis originated as a unit within the Department of the Sociology of Economy, Education and Research Methods at Jagiellonian University. Centre’s founding idea was to take the fullest advantage of our staff’s theoretical knowledge, analytical skills, and research experiences for the purpose of analyzing public policies and programmes. We specialize in research projects on social and economic issues within various fields of public sphere.

We focus primarily on research for institutions responsible for creation and implementation of public policies in these areas. Our aim is to provide practical solutions and recommendations, using the most up-to-date advanced academic knowledge concerning social research and evaluation. University status of the Centre and team’s experience in realization of complex research projects warrant high quality of our performance. We make comprehensive use of both quantitative and qualitative methods of data-gathering and data-processing methods. Our offer is constantly enlarged as a result of scientific development of each member of our team. Centre’s strong point is a unique conjunction of research experience and fresh approach to new challenges.

Jagiellonian University is the oldest and the best university in Poland according to the latest national university ranking. Over 3700 academic staff are providing first class study environment for more than 50,000 students. Professors, lecturers, post-docs and PhD students of Jagiellonian University have proven their excellence across all fields of science and arts. In addition to teaching and research, academic staff is used to work in long-term, internationally developed EU funded projects often exceeding million euro budgets, especially in 7th Framework Programme. Centre for Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis (CEAPP), based in the Sociology Department of Jagiellonian University, has been numerously invited by public institutions in projects to share their expertise on topics related to Cohesion Policy. CEAPP is currently conducting several longitudinal studies of the progress and strategies of using EU funds in Poland.

SKL International is one of Sweden’s leading consultancy companies focused on EU integration at the local and regional level. Our specialties include analysing policies and implementing projects that improve local and regional development in the context of EU integration. SKL International is a company owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), representing all 290 Swedish municipalities and 20 regional councils. This gives us a unique market position as we can draw on SALAR’s own expertise and network of Swedish local and regional authorities.

SKL International responds to strong demand from developing and transitional countries to learn about local self-government and regional development based on Swedish experiences. We have implemented projects in 4 continents and more than 30 countries including in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. We have a staff of 18 people including a recently appointed Regional Representative for Middle East and North Africa, based in Jordan.

SKL also has framework contract experience as lead firm in a consortium for Sida’s Framework Contract in Democracy and Public Administration, as well as part of a consortium in DFID’s Governance and Security Framework Contract.

SKL International has a strong network of European and international experts with extensive capacities and experience conducting policy analysis, studies, research and technical analysis on local and regional level issues, particularly in the context of EU integration. To date, more than 1500 local and regional experts have been involved in projects run by SKL InternationalIn addition, we have a strong network of local partner organisations in the countries we work with.

Our project partners are typically central ministries, municipalities and other local authorities, regional actors, local government associations, civil society representatives and donor organisations. Our clients include Sida and other bilateral donors, the European Commission and the UN. 

GKI Economic Research Co.’s business lines have a profound clientele already in Hungary and the European Union with many satisfied and reoccurring clients. GKI is the leader in the market of independent Hungarian economic analyses and fore-casts; it is one of the leading economic research companies in Central Europe.

GKI’s consulting and analytical skills shall be available in the Competitive multiple framework service contracts – studies, reports and impact assessments (2013/S 139-240356) as well.

GKI is well aware of European Cohesion policies since it is present in Brussels as well as in Bulgaria and Albania in various topics, for instance upgrading Invest Bulgaria Agency, offering professional advising services to the Ministry of European Integration of Albania. GKI provides information and vast contribution in a paper for the European Economic and Social Committee, titled: Evaluation of macro-regional strategies, 2013. GKI’s presence in Albania and Bulgaria displays experience in studying on IPA countries. Since the European Union is one of our biggest clients we have a solid knowledge of EU 2020 strategies and priorities and we are well trained in delivering studies on Cohesion Policies. During the work with EU we developed our abilities in policy analysis and recommendations on tools, methods, and governance. We have a vast experience in making industrial, sectorial and regional focused reports, analyses. In addition analyses and forecasts to support economic policy, financial and market analyses, global and European trend analyses are also integral parts of our key competences.

GKI is member of the following organizations since their establishment:

  • AIECE – Association of European Conjuncture Institutes,
  • CIRET – Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys.

The company was founded in 1981 as the IFUA Institut für Unternehmensanalysen GmbH and was renamed Horváth & Partners in 1989. Together with his partners, Professor Dr. Péter Horváth, one of the pioneers of Management Accounting & Controlling and who our company is named after, laid the foundations for our success today.

By continuously expanding our fields of business and developing trend-setting solutions in the areas of Strategic Management & Innovation, Process Management & Organization and Management Control & Finance, we have grown into a leading-edge management consulting firm with international locations.

Horváth & Partners is now an independent, international management consulting company with more than 400 highly qualified employees. You can find us at six different locations in Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart), as well as in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Using these locations as a base, our consultants undertake projects across the entire globe.

Moreover, Horváth & Partners takes part in the “Cordence Worldwide” international consulting partnership which has more than 2500 professionals in 50 offices on 5 continents of the world.

Our consulting approach is the combination of concept design and implementation-oriented consulting. We accompany our clients through the entire process, from developing the business concept through (IT)-implementation to carrying out tailored training measures. We provide solutions for Performance Management and Performance Optimization both across the entire company and specifically for different functions, such as Strategic Management & Innovation, Process Management & Organization and Management Control & Finance, IT.

Horváth & Partner GmbH won a Framework Contract (Procurement Procedure EAC/02/2010 - Framework Service Contract to provide expertise and support for European Cooperation in Education and Training - Studies / Internal Part (Lot 3)) together with Bertelsmann Stiftung, European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU) and ECORYS with Bertelsmann Stiftung as consortium leader.

Horváth&Partners Hungary (IFUA) is particularly experienced in applying private business methods for the implementation of European Funds.

We stand for project results which create sustainable benefit for our clients. For this reason, we accompany our clients from developing the business concept through to anchoring it in processes and systems. Our approach to consulting is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with our clients. Fair and team-oriented interaction at all levels, with a constant eye on results, leads to working solutions which our clients accept.

PSDB is one of the leading research and consulting companies in Poland, specializing in evaluation studies, social research, analyses, expertises and specialized training in the area of public policies and functioning of public administration, including in particular Structural Funds operational programmes.

Our strength is applying methods of social research for evaluation of public policies and measuring their impact. We have extensive experience in terms of conduct of surveys, individual in-depth interviews and focus group interviews. We use also innovative and tailor-made methodology that provides precise information and allows creating new solutions. 

PSDB’s fields of expertise and research include social policy, education and social inclusion, knowledge society, social systems and labour markets, employment, competitiveness, innovation, financial instruments, economic growth, sustainable development, regional and local policy, territorial cooperation, institutions and governance as well as public administration reform and administrative capacity.

During the last three years PSDB has conducted over 180 research and analytical projects, mostly evaluation studies concerning the majority of the EU funded operational programmes implemented in Poland, contracted by the Polish ministries (including Ministries of Regional Development, Economy, Education, Science and Higher Education, Environment, and Chancellery of the Prime Minister), government agencies and regional authorities, and provided training courses for more than 16,000 participants both from public sector institutions and business sector.

In 2011 survey conducted by the Polish Evaluation Society, PSDB was listed as the second in Poland in terms of number of evaluation studies conducted.

PSDB is a part of the WYG Group of consulting companies. The WYG Group brings together experts in various fields of expertise: human resource management, business consulting, design and construction of infrastructure, engineering environmental protection, financial counselling. They are practitioners and experienced consultants in various fields. They provide a diverse range of services to clients across numerous sectors worldwide, offering creative and effective solutions to their projects.

PSDB has also a large network of local national experts. Key experts in our team are people with years of working experience in public administration at the top positions. Therefore they understand the specificity of the public sector and public intervention programmes as well as the related challenges and limitations. Our expert team is supported by group of experienced social researchers - sociologists and psychologists, who create innovative but accurate methodology, conduct research and analyses, and accompany experts in elaboration of conclusions.

We understand the need for continuous capacity building of experts of our company, so we establish and continuously strengthen contacts with the academic community. We cooperate in the implementation of our studies with major academic experts who are recognized authorities in their fields of expertise.

CEU Consulting GmbH (CEU) was established in Vienna as a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Austria. CEU specialises exclusively on consulting on all aspects of EU development policy as well as the project management of EU and other Donor-funded Technical Assistance contracts. This service is offered nationally and internationally.

We see ourselves as a high quality and flexible providers of project management and consultation services to the donor funded sector in our key areas.

The areas covered include:

  •          Research and Survey – conducting surveys of NGO sector and interviews (development of survey questionnaires, management of collection, interpretation of results), elaboration of monitoring indicators, development & maintenance of database, monitoring of NGO sector at regional and local level
  •          Programming – elaboration of programming documents (overall strategy, priorities, measures) based on sector analyses, elaboration of selection criteria and procedures for implementation
  •          Grant management – development of documents for each stage & management of the implementation cycle (texts for calls, application forms, evaluation grids, selection criteria; awarding grants)

Survey consulting – Our survey consulting services staff ensures that survey program returns actionable information that clearly identifies areas of strength and opportunities of the studied field. Services include: Needs Analysis,

CEU is involved in a Multiple Framework Service Contract (EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/Multi) to recruit short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from European Union external aid,

CEU Consulting GmbH is firmly committed to the principle of highest customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we constantly strive to maintain the highest quality of services. Every employee contributes to the quality of our services through his or her personal achievement.

Our quality claim is supported by a quality control system. CEU’s project management follows the ISO 9002 quality standard. The entire range of services is implemented in strict accordance with our Quality Handbook. The Quality Handbook ensures that each step in our value chain is properly managed, documented, monitored, evaluated, and continually improved.

  •          Questionnaire Review, Interview, Instrument Pre-Test, Written Interpretive Reports, Presentation of Survey Results, Action Planning
  •          Evaluation – elaboration of methodology for assessing impact of grant programmes & specialised criteria for individual project assessments
Training – Training in NGO development, NGO management, Lobbying and Advocacy techniques, Conducting of surveys, Trainer of Trainers’ programmes.